Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blog Love

I would like to show my blog some love today. Unfortunately I never get to come share anything here. I think it is about time I start making time for myself. So here goes.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long Lost Blog...

I remember a day long long ago where I spent my days online. I chatted with mommy friends on websites and forums. I blogged about everything and anything. I remember a day when my biggest worry was did I feed the kids or get the house clean enough. Those days seem so long ago. My time these days is stretched so thin I barely have time to sleep or shower. And I wouldn't trade it for anything! I now work a full time job. I have a teenager,a preteen (God help me), and then the diva. I spend my time when I am not working my "real" job running these kids around town to different activities. And then in any spare time I get I do crafty things. Right now it is mostly crochet but I have also expanded my hand to knitting (VERY Basic), sewing, machine embroidery, and this past weekend I picked up my knitting loom finally. I love them all. I am hoping to move into felting and macrame soon but I need to get a little more sewing and embroidery under my belt first. Do you ever feel like your life is changing so fast you aren't sure which way to go? Things here change every day. The husband is back in school and working full time. The teenager is doing any type of sports he can get into plus has a girlfriend and is fixing to take his driver's test. The preteen, well, need I say more? The preteen is also doing karate twice a week and a couple of sports through school here and there. The diva, well she is just that, the diva still. Always where mommy is. Always wanting to do what mommy does. She is going to be learning the loom in the next few weeks as well. She even has her own. As well as she has karate 5 days a week for the after school program. Oh and did I mention I also sell Mary Kay and Avon? Yeah, talk about being busy. But I love it! Below are some links to my many different pages. My Crafty Creations website isn't complete just yet. I have to go find pictures and get them online and priced. But if you see something online feel free to ask about it. I bet I can find a way to do it for you and hopefully at a fair price. That is all for now. I will be getting more up soon. Hopefully I won't forget about the dear blog again anytime soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Silliness

I love that my kids are so easy going. They are so easy going my Quaine wore pink hair for two months to support his step grandmother in her battle with breast cancer. Micah has let me paint his fingernail blue to fight the anti-bullying campaign. Olivia will wear whatever I ask her to as long as I can give her a reason for it. The picture above is from national wear pink day. The whole family participated including dad who wore a pink shirt to work. I'm very lucky and happy to have such a caring and supportive group of kiddos

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crazy and Chaotic

Isn't it funny how life sometimes gets in the way of your plans for your life? I've had so many hopes and dreams over the years and it seems there are very few that ever come into existence. Well it is time to make a few come true. Since I gave up my blog to go back to work I have worked with so many great people with special needs. My life has been forever changed. I have now switched jobs and no longer work with those wonderful people but my heart is still there each day. I am now in a district office as the office administrator so I actually have "free time." What's that you say? I have no clue. I still haven't had much free time as it is in my nearly two months here. I spend my free time looking for new ways to make the business run smooth and more efficient. Quaine is about to turn 14. That makes me old right? I am certain it does or at least makes me feel very old. He keeps me on my toes. Always busy, he plays every sport that is offered in this area it seems. The kid is super tall measuring in at 5'10 3/4" a few weeks ago. I need to put some bricks on his head and make him stop! Micah is 11 and was diagnosed with Asperger's this past November. He's a silly boy with a heart of gold. He loves school and soccer. He loves his little sister too as long as no one is around. He says he is excited to go to junior high this fall but I think he is more excited about the freedoms that come with junior high. Cathryn aka Olivia aka Bob is 6 and such a DIVA! She is now playing softball and is pretty good. She can slam the ball as long as she remembers to "lock and load" each time she gets up to bat. She has really grown up and every time I look at her all I see is my sweet tiny baby girl. She is about to graduate kindergarten and has a classroom of best friends. She's definitely a socialite. Brandon has joined the free mason world. He's learned so much about God and is so interested in learning more. With his pushing we finally found a church here in Jonesboro that we like and are happy with. We are finally at a place in our lives where we don't feel like the roof is caving in and it feels like we are finally being blessed. I have now learned to crochet and knit! I am also in the process of getting an embroidery/sewing machine. I love to sew and my little machine just can't keep up with me. Add to that I am now selling Avon. I am definitely a person who can help you learn to keep yourself busy. Life is great, I feel blessed and I feel like there is finally an end to my tunnel.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glade Expressions- Oh So Good

I have been using Glade Expressions in my home for quite some time now. Thanks to Buzz Agent I got to try a new fragrance that has completely sold me on the line. The Italian Cotton and Mandarin is a must have for every home. Especially if you long for that just clean smell.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Long time no blog...

These last few months have been such a crazy whirlwind for me. I am hoping that, for the moment at least, life is about to settle down. Between a bunch of crap with my grandma and family, baseball with 3 kids, working at a new stressful job, and life in general I am just a big ball of nerves. I had to give up blogging, my favorite mommy forms, and pretty much everything that made ME happy. I am going to start taking it all back by storm though. Baseball is over after this week. I am not able to promise that I can blog daily bc we all know that is not possible. I am going to do my best though to come back more frequently. Will I start doing giveaways again? Most likely not. I think that I may start entering them again but the time and effort it takes to do the actual give aways is not a luxury I have anymore. I am hoping to start doing pictures again. Fingers are crossed. Waiting on people to get back to me with dates and times. I am just hoping to regain some of the quality of life I once had before work and moving to the new house.