Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long Lost Blog...

I remember a day long long ago where I spent my days online. I chatted with mommy friends on websites and forums. I blogged about everything and anything. I remember a day when my biggest worry was did I feed the kids or get the house clean enough. Those days seem so long ago. My time these days is stretched so thin I barely have time to sleep or shower. And I wouldn't trade it for anything! I now work a full time job. I have a teenager,a preteen (God help me), and then the diva. I spend my time when I am not working my "real" job running these kids around town to different activities. And then in any spare time I get I do crafty things. Right now it is mostly crochet but I have also expanded my hand to knitting (VERY Basic), sewing, machine embroidery, and this past weekend I picked up my knitting loom finally. I love them all. I am hoping to move into felting and macrame soon but I need to get a little more sewing and embroidery under my belt first. Do you ever feel like your life is changing so fast you aren't sure which way to go? Things here change every day. The husband is back in school and working full time. The teenager is doing any type of sports he can get into plus has a girlfriend and is fixing to take his driver's test. The preteen, well, need I say more? The preteen is also doing karate twice a week and a couple of sports through school here and there. The diva, well she is just that, the diva still. Always where mommy is. Always wanting to do what mommy does. She is going to be learning the loom in the next few weeks as well. She even has her own. As well as she has karate 5 days a week for the after school program. Oh and did I mention I also sell Mary Kay and Avon? Yeah, talk about being busy. But I love it! Below are some links to my many different pages. My Crafty Creations website isn't complete just yet. I have to go find pictures and get them online and priced. But if you see something online feel free to ask about it. I bet I can find a way to do it for you and hopefully at a fair price. That is all for now. I will be getting more up soon. Hopefully I won't forget about the dear blog again anytime soon.

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